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Special Treatment Range

Leim Snail's Extract
Snail Extract is an all-natural healing cream-gel. It triggers the regeneration of your skin. Acts as an exfoliate eliminating dead cells, heals & regenerates damaged tissues thus removing damaged cells and imperfections. It also helps in delays the aging process of skin tissues and protects against the oxidative action of free radicals. In addition, it also significantly improves the elasticity, firmness, density and texture of the skin.

Leim Melawhite® Gream and Melawhite® Vials
The success of Melawhite® comes from its ability to completely control melanogenesis by preventing the Tyrosine present in skin cells from becoming active.

How does Melawhite® act on your skin?
  • Reduces the pigmentation of your skin
  • Reduces skin blemishes that have been caused both by the sun and by the ageing process
  • Increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • Helps to prevent irritation and inflammations caused by excessive exposure to the sun

Using Melawhite® Gel can achieve a whitening effect, and help firm, revitalize and protect your skin.


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