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Face Care


Gold Gold Treatment 120mins

GOLD is the mystic element that has been evoked in the dreams of human beings since ancient times, and is a symbol of the sacred and eternal value that we attribute to our lives. Its beneficial properties on the skin were already known by the oldest civilizations, and the ancient alchemists made frequent use of it in their formulae.
Today, Coslab created this Gold Gold Treatment that contains real 23k Gold helps to:-

  • Nurtures
  • Revitalizes
  • Gives a special brightness to your skin.


3 Treats Diamante Program 120mins

Treat your skin to the pure mineral Diamante which helps to soften the skin surface and stimulating its renovation. Hereby the skin is in ideal conditions to receive the active elements.
Combine with the Lifting Machine which utilises radio waves to generate deep heat through deep skin tissues and helps to:-
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Enhances the flow of nutrients and facilitates in the rejuvenation 
  • Tightening of the skin tissues.


Skin Re-Charge Facial Treatment 105mins



Hydrating : Intensive Serum formulated to helps stimulate cell turnover, re-vitalize and compensate for moisture lost.
Brightening : With using of gentle and non-invasive PROFIPEEL helps to gently remove layer of dead skin cell, combined with our brightening serum helps to lighten any uneven skin tone and pigmentation.
Anti-Aging : Restoring a healthy, radiant and youthful skin with our Phyto Cold Mask.



COSLAB Nurti C+ Whitening Treatment (120mins)
This highly effective treatment machine is approve by FDA (USA), the technology apply depends of the skin’s sensibility.

  • With using of gentle and non-invasive PROFIPEEL helps to gently remove layer of dead skin cell and is absolutely pain free.
  • Together combined with one of the most important skin vitamins PANTHENOL (vitamin B5) helps to brighten dull skin and uneven facial tone.

This treatment is beneficial particularly for dehydrated and sensitive.


Clarity Face Lift Treatment (90mins)
Combined with our lifting machine together with the whitening essence it helps to improves:-

  • Blood circulation
  • Sculpturing, firming & reduce muscle tension
  • Lighten color spot and uneven skin ton


Coslab Luminous Skin Treatment (120mins)
With using the Radio Frequency by generating “Deep Heat” to increase body temperature to:-

  • Stimulate dermis
  • Generate Collagen
  • Improve skin resilience and wrinkle (elasticity and lifting effect).


Long-Lasting 2-in-1 Moisturising Booster (105mins)
This treatment has a 2-In-1 Moisturising with long-lasting effect which is specially formulated to compensate for moisture lost due to our harsh environment. It helps to:-

  • Restore the moisture levels
  • protect the skin barrier against dehydration
  • prevents the production of free radicals and reduces the ageing processes.


M.E.X.  Treatment (120mins)
Bordering on medicine, the dream became reality.

  • A Biological peeling helps to remove dead cells and create a stimulating effect on the production of new cells.
  • Together combine with a pump massage helps to accelerate of all cell renewal and healing processes.


Skin Defect Repair Treatment (90mins)
Combined with high intensity Blue Light and Mineral Mask which contain high quantity of minerals and miro-elements to helps:-

  • Giving anti-inflammatory and bacterial effect for acne problem
  • It’s also activates the skin self regeneration and wound healing process to prevent acne scar.


Photo Therapy Program
Combined Energy of Light and Heat to helps improve skin condition by reducing:-

  • Pigmentation 
  • Vascular lesions
  • Skin complexion (Open pores)
  • Fines lines and wrinkles 
  • It also enables long lasting removal of excess, unwanted hair
  • Acne Problems


O2 Replenisher Treatment (120mins)
A brand new concept for skin regeneration, using purified water and oxygen to penetrate into the deeper layer of skin to regenerate, repair and restore. Suitable for all skin types

  • Lightening scars marks and pigmentation
  • Purified oily congested skin
  • Disinfect acne inflammatory skin
  • Reduce open pores and black head
  • Reduce fine lines and dark eye circle.





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