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Gold Line

Gold, mystic object which has been evoked in dreams of the human being. Since the most remote ages it is a symbol of the sacred and eternal value of the scarce in our lives.

Its beneficial properties on the skin were already know by the ancient civilisations, and the antique alchemists used it very often in thier preparations.

In fact, in the Gold ions, it can be found an electric current as weak as the existent in our skin, which will activate the blood mirco-circulation, achieving in this way the revitalisation of our skin.

GOLD LINE contains 23k Gold, which will nourish, revitalise, and give a special luminosity to your skin.



Hydro Gold Gel 60ml

It activate the blood mirco-circulation.
- It supplies the skin with Glycoproteins, undispensable to avoid the loss of transepidermal water and mantain the optimus hydration level of your skin.






 Gold Eye Gel 20ml

  - It activate the blood micro-curculation
  - It supplies the hydration and elasticity needed in a delicate area such as the eye contour.
  - It helps to improve wrinkles, expression lines, crow's feet, water retensions, eyebags, etc..

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